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3D Printing Brings Designs to Life

3D printing brings designs to life

From its inception 35 years ago by its inventor Chuck Hull,Stereo-lithography also known as 3D printing has opened a new way of manufacturing and design. It takes digital design files and brings them to life by using a additive process which layers material to create the object which ones desires.

Designs could range from medical prosthesis to Victoria Secret model’s signature wings. This 3D printing method could be every designers dream by helping them see what their product would look like before creating it themselves. In an interview with CNN, Hull commented on the lack of tangibility in the new computer age “We’ve got into the computer age and everything is on a screen or remote, we’ve kind of missed the tangible result.”

It is still possible for people to send  fax online or use an online drive to send the documents which ones desires to turn into a 3D print. It is then made in a CAD (Computer Aided design) file which creates 3D modeling. The 3D modeling software slices the model into horizontal layers building up the final model layer by layer. It blends these 2D layers into the end result of a 3 dimensional object.

However, if such information sounds mind boggling there is still the traditional method of simply using fax online which will send all the required measurement and designs to create your object. It might not give you the immediate effect of tangibility, but it will still get the requirements of your design to be shared with those who could aid you in creating it.