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Going Green

In recent years the effect that we have on the environment has come under the spotlight, and more people are aware of the dangers and effect their electricity consumption and use of paper affects the environment. In South Africa we have almost half a million fax machines. Leaving the machines on standby mode also has an effect on the environment, as they generate emissions that can be harmful to the environment. A single tree produces about 833 sheets of paper and it is estimated that fax transmission copying in South Africa consumes 355 579 trees every year. One can only imagine the effect that has on the environment.

We are a responsible service provider, and are particularly concerned about our carbon footprint. We would thus like to promote green solutions and alternative to how business is done daily. And just by adopting our fax to email services a business or individual will be reducing their carbon footprint significantly, as or services are paper-free, and thus playing their role in keeping practices that are easier on the environment.

Old fashioned fax machines require paper and ink to function, whereas the new internet fax requires nothing but your computer and an internet connection. Moreover discarding an old fax machine is also another issue, especially if you are concerned about the environment. You will also reduce your electricity consumption when you move from using fax machines to using your computer for faxing; you will no longer need to keep your fax machine on 24/7 in order to receive faxes.