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Why Fax-to-email is more secure than More Traditional Options

One of the best decisions you will ever make for your business’ operations and productivity is choosing communication solutions that promise to save you time and money and also makes business communication simpler for your employees. Fax-to-email boasts of the ability to do all the above and much more. Here’s why fax-to-email is more secure than traditional fax. Fax Encryption capabilities make fax-to-email more secure and less likely for the …Read More

Making Fax to Email Work for You at Home

Fax to email solutions are usually aggressively marketed to corporate clients. That often leaves individuals who work from home or those who simply need fax to email at home to figure it all out on their own. If you have ever wondered if you will be able to enjoy the service from home, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” You can enjoy free fax to email from home. Fax to …Read More

How The Internet Has Changed Faxing Forever – FaxFX

When the traditional fax messaging system was first introduced, it revolutionised the way that business and the world communicated. Today, fax to email technology has again revolutionised the way the world does business. No longer do you need to invest in a dedicated fax line, fax machine and expensive fax consumables. Instead, thanks to companies like FaxFX you can use your PC or mobile device as your fax machine. In …Read More

Sending A Fax Online, the Process 173 Years in the Making

FaxFX provides a safe, free way to fax online content to a host of different devices. It may be surprising to know that the concept was born a long time ago as many people associate the fax machine with 80’s industry. Its original patent was actually granted 173 years ago, to Scottish inventor Alexander Bain. We can send  fax online today because of Bain’s forward thinking. His ideas kick-started a …Read More

What to Do if Your Fax Number Expires

So you’ve signed up for a fax to email number and have great intentions to move your entire fax communication to fax to email. Over the next few months your office does not receive as many faxes as before, eventually your account expires because it is inactive for over 3 months. Is there still a chance that you can keep your fax number or are you going to be allocated …Read More

Reasons Why Fax is Still Important

Fax is still still a widely accepted means of communication for any companies around the world, certainly not the only way to communicate, but a reliable one nonetheless. Here are some reasons fax is, and will be for many years to come a trusted medium of communication. Worldwide Acceptance Sending and receiving faxes is still recognised as an essential way of communicating for many businesses around the world. Simple and …Read More

Fax to Email FAQs Revisited

The new year has just begun and its back to business as usual with sights on bigger business goals. All that will not be possible if your communication channels don’t run smoothly.  At FaxFX we are concerned about ensuring that all our customers are able to send and receive the communication with all their stakeholders. We also understand that navigating the world of Fax to email can be challenging. We …Read More

How Does Online Fax Work?

By now you’ve probably heard about online fax and you’re most likely wondering how exactly it works.Online fax works in a similar way to traditional fax transmissions but it uses an internet-based interface instead of the traditional, and costly, fax machine. Online fax is a more affordable and convenient way to send and receive facsimiles. Similar to traditional fax, you’ll be issued with a fax number when using online fax. …Read More

Send and Receive Free Online Fax Messages Starting Today!

One of the many reasons behind the free online fax’s incredible popularity is that this technology can be harnessed immediately once you sign up. There is no delay, so you can look forward to start sending and receiving faxes online immediately. Simply sign up for your free fax to email account, and you are ready to go. What’s more, there is no limit to the number of accounts that you …Read More

How the Internet Fax Is Changing the Way the World Communicates

Your business deserves the best communication solutions available. Millions of consumers and businesses not only in South Africa, but around the world, have embraced internet fax technology to the benefit of their businesses. You no longer have to pay for a dedicated fax line or for the expensive consumables involved in operating a conventional fax machine. The internet fax continues to revolutionise the way the world communicates. In the past …Read More