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Cape Town is now a Bike Friendly City

Set foot in Holland, Germany, Portugal, or even Spain and you will be met with hundreds of people biking down the streets. We at Fax FX do our utmost to minimise our impact on the environment, so we were ecstatic to hear that Cape Town is now bike friendly.

Across the city, Cape Town has allocated dedicated bike lanes which have been painted green to indicate their use. This system aims to draw motorist’s attention to the biking lanes to minimise accidents. Eventually, the city hopes to have 2000 kilometres of biking lanes. How cool? So far the city has 400 kilometres. Because the lanes need to be painted, the city is creating jobs for locals. The project is constantly growing so there will hopefully be jobs for a while to come, and workers will learn new skills.

To make it easier for people to use this service, the city will be hiring out bicycles. These bicycles can be dropped off at specific points throughout the city to help commuters get to their destinations easily. Despite making travel easier and more eco-friendly, these bicycles help you to be healthier. Cycling to work provides exercise, and allows you to breathe fresh air. Be healthy and eco-conscious in one go!

Johannesburg and Durban are not far behind Cape Town with this initiative, and hope to roll out cycling lanes within the coming years. For the time being, South African universities are building bike lanes between campuses so that students can better travel to their chosen location.