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Climate change refugees


A silly statement of go-green hippy zealots or an actual reality we are all ignoring?

The truth to the above question is that yes, climate change refugees are a “thing” and it’s a news story that you all missed out on while we were being bombarded by celebrity baby news, cute baby animals and getting into furious online arguments with internet trolls.

When did the earth find itself with its first case of climate change displacees you ask? As far back as 2009. The residents of Carteret Island of Papua New Guinea have become the world’s first climate change refugees. As we all know Global Warming has resulted in rising sea levels globally, unfortunately for the population of Carteret this has meant dealing with king tides washing away their crops and salt water poisoning those that remained.

Although this evacuation was a small one, it has begun an unfortunate exodus that the majority of human beings have yet to think about. Where are we going to go when climate change starts affecting bigger populations, growing metropolises and even countries? What will we all do when space literally and no longer figuratively runs out?

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