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The Efficiency of Online Faxing


Okay, you’ve hit your limit and thrown that old fax machine at the wall. We get it, you’re frustrated, which is why we suggest you make use of our services. FaxFX provides South Africa’s top online faxing service. Our services are free, and super speedy. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Years ago, we were also driven mad by fighting with those old machines. The ch-ch-ch of a paper jam is a noise that we don’t ever want to hear again. So, the solution you ask? Online faxing! Online faxing is the easiest way to send and receive faxes, and best of all, you can bypass that clunky yellowing machine. Paper jams? Forget about them! In fact, forget about wasting paper, time, and electricity. Online faxing with us is so easy, you might decide to use it as your only form of communication.

I hear you asking how it works, so let me explain… Right here with FaxFX you sign up. We will send a fax number to your email address. This fax number will be yours to keep, and use for all of your online faxing needs. Your faxes are confidential, and can only be viewed by you. Something fantastic- you can get hold of your faxes from almost any corner of the earth, barring that desert island. Also, we store your faxes for you indefinitely. So, access them whenever, wherever. With us, your faxes are safe. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the pieces of your old machine and chuck them in the bin!