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Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has become a staple for many people across the globe. This can be seen with the majority of people switching to digital solutions such as fax to email, online faxing and taking advantage of using QR codes to check-in at airports instead of printing out their boarding pass. Speaking of travelling, have you asked yourself what else you could be doing in order to travel greener these Easter holidays?

Tip #1 Avoid Plastic Bottles

By now we all know how bad plastic is for the environment. So if you like to keep your water close at hand while travelling rather use a collapsible water bag or a filtered water bottle as an environmentally friendly option.

Tip #2 Observe Your Power Usage

While away these Easter holidays make sure when you leave your hotel room that you turn off the lights, air conditioning or heating in the room. Just because the electricity bill won’t be coming to you that month doesn’t mean you have the right to be wasteful of valuable resources, such as coal and fossil fuels, that we are all privileged to have.

Tip #3 Car Rental

If you will be renting a car as a means of transport this Easter weekend, make sure you select a compact or even a hybrid model. This will not only help you save on fuel but the environment at the same time.

Why not try one or all of these tips this weekend? Do your part to save the environment while enjoying a much deserved long weekend away.