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Faxes in the online world Fax to email and email to fax; the way forward.

In the modern world where we pull our phones out to check the time rather than using our watches, the days of fax machines seem to be dying out. But many people seem confused with the entire concept; how does it work? How much does it cost? I don’t have a fancy machine, will it still work?

So the basics of fax to email are:

– What will it cost me?
To receive a fax on your email service is absolutely free. There are no monthly maintenance fees, no set up costs, absolutely no hidden costs.
However if you would like a service that allows you to email to fax, these services run on a prepaid basis. This allows you to pay for only what you use and thus manage the facility without running up massive costs.

– I don’t have a fancy machine, so I can’t run the latest software, will this be a problem?
That doesn’t matter, both the fax to email and email to fax services are easy to use and require no special software. Further to this the faxes are sent in generic formats such as PDF and TIFF, which most operating systems cater for. If your system cannot open them, the internet has dozens of similar programmes that are easy to download and often free of charge.

– My equipment is all set up, I don’t want to change anything, can I use my existing fax line and machine?
Absolutely! Your current fax machine will work as it always has, the only change may be that you need to contact your telephone provider and request call forwarding facilities be added to your account.

So if you are in any doubt, hopefully this has cleared up the confusion. If you need anymore advice, contact us or check out our FAQ’s for more details.