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Get Rid of your Waste the Eco-Friendly Way

No one likes waste, especially not in our homes. This is why we all do our utmost to rid our homes of trash as quickly as possible. Have you ever thought of where this trash goes? The sad fact is that most of it will go to landfills and contribute to pollution. You can reduce your carbon footprint by being wiser about your waste. FaxFX is passionate about the environment and hope to inspire society to reduce their carbon footprint by using fax to email and email to fax services. Here are a few more tips you can use to help our fragile environment:


Separate your glass, paper, plastic and metal into different piles. At first you may get confused but you will soon get the hang of it. This makes it easier for recycling plants to recycle because the trash is already sorted. Don’t forget that some trash needs to be disposed of separately, such as batteries, electronics, and pesticides.

Make compost

Don’t ever throw your food scraps away, rather turn them into compost. Fruit, veggies, and breads all work well as compost. Dig a hole in a corner of your garden and fill it with your food scraps. Within a few months you will have a functioning compost pile. Use your compost to fertilise your garden and encourage new growth.

Reuse what you have

Glass bottles are a prime example of something that can be reused. If you don’t have a use for them in your home, then return them to the shop. Often they have a refundable deposit.

Do your part to reduce and reuse, and minimise your impact on the environment. Recycling is easy and will greatly benefit not only you, but also the environment and its creatures.