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Go Green at Home and at the Office

These days we all do our bit to recycle. From separating the paper and plastic at home, to printing on both sides of the paper at work. There are other things you can do, however, like doing away with paper completely. I hear you wondering how you’re supposed to communicate without the use of paper. By using online faxing!

Online faxing does not make use of any resources that aren’t renewable, or are harmful to the environment. In fact, online faxing makes use of your available resources. If you have a computer, then you are good to go. With internet access, you can send, receive, and view your online faxes from anywhere. Online faxing is a great cost saver. Firstly, because it free, and secondly, because you don’t need to buy paper, ink, or printers. Your fax documents are so small that they can be sent much faster than an email, and you can access them from your email inbox. Could it be easier?

In both your home and your office you can use online faxing. You don’t need any complicated machines- in fact, all you need is a computer. Think of your computer as your fax machine, but much easier to use. Your online faxes will be sent and received using your fax number, which you will receive when you sign up with us. This fax number is uniquely yours. Our services are safe, secure, and environmentally friendly. What are you waiting for?