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Great Inventions by South Africans

As we near the end of Nelson Mandela month we reflect on the inspiration that this legend left for us. We can draw inspiration from his courage and dedication to his country. A lot of people may not know that a lot of notable “world firsts” came from South African pioneers. Today we shine the spotlight on South African pioneers who changed the way we do life with their inventions.

The CAT Scan

This life-saving invention was designed by Allan Cormac and his associate Godfrey Hounsfield. Cormac came up with the mathematical technique for the CAT scan. The two of them were awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology and Medicine for this life changing invention.

The Pool Cleaner

One of dad’s favourite inventions! Ferdinand Chauvier, a South African man from Springs invented this machine in 1974.The original version of the machine was made of wood and rubber, which were melted together on his kitchen stove. By 1978 he had sold a great number of these cleaners, to this day his invention is still a staple in many homes.

The Speed Gun

This one is for the sports-lovers. This was invented by Henri Johnson in 1992. It accurately measures the angles and speed objects that are moving at, such as tennis and cricket balls. It was first presented in the Cricket World Cup in 1999.

Computerised Tickets

Socialites rejoice! In 1997 Percy Tucker’s computerised ticketing system went national and soon after that international too. His Computicket is the world’s very first computerised ticket reservations system.

We look forward to more ground-breaking inventions by upcoming South African inventors. Clearly we have the brains and potential to do great things.