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Hackers are after the Healthcare Industry, and this is why

Technology has advanced greatly over the years, presenting an unparalleled convenience. Today you can centralise the payment of all your bills and all other invoices you may need to settle. The health industry has also taken advantage of electronic communication, particularly with sending medical documents via email, but there are risks associated with that. Hackers seem to be on the prowl for medical insurance companies.

Why they would be after insurance companies, you may wonder. This is because they can get away with some really valuable information. Credit companies have been victimised for years, but now they have learned to evade these risks. Now a stolen credit card can be blocked in minutes protecting an individual’s personal information and money.

The health industry has been slow in strengthening the security measures, particularly online. This is where our Fax to email services come in handy. When medical professionals send your records and invoices through fax to email instead of traditional fax, your information will be protected as you can set up a private password that will be required before you open the correspondence. Furthermore, since the documents are sent to your direct email inbox, only you will have access to the documents.

Fax to email has many different features that could simplify your life, security being one of the most attractive. If you are a medical provider, take advantage of this and speak to our consultants today to take advantage of this service.