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How Does Online Fax Work?

By now you’ve probably heard about online fax and you’re most likely wondering how exactly it works.Online fax works in a similar way to traditional fax transmissions but it uses an internet-based interface instead of the traditional, and costly, fax machine. Online fax is a more affordable and convenient way to send and receive facsimiles.

Similar to traditional fax, you’ll be issued with a fax number when using online fax. This number can then be used by others to send faxes to you, and you can send faxes to others, using your email account and email software.

To send an online fax, you’ll attach a document to an email, this can be a scanned document or something created on your computer like a Microsoft Word document. You will then enter the fax number of the recipient, followed by ‘@’ and the name of the online fax service provider.

The online fax software will then translate the document into a format that the recipient’s fax machine can understand – the data is sent via telephone lines and the fax machine on the other side will print the document.

To receive an online fax, the sender will simply enter your fax number into his fax machine and send, the online fax service provider will then translate the data, allowing your email program to understand it and you will receive the document as an attachment in an email. Online fax might seem very complicated, but when you break it down, it really is not that tricky.