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How FaxFX’s Online Faxing has Replaced the Fax Machine


How faxing is the future, but fax machines are the past.

Can you remember the last time you saw a fax machine? With technology moving forward so rapidly, it probably won’t be long until they start showing up in museums. However, faxing is still an integral part of business. These days you can download any form that you might have to complete, but you often have to print it and fax it back. Faxing is often required for proof of payment, or for verification of a document’s authenticity with a signature.

So, in a world of diminishing fax machines, what is the best way to send faxes? The answer lies with FaxFX. FaxFX is a fax to email service provider which allows you to send and receive faxes using your email account. This means that any mobile device which has an internet connection can now be used for fax communication. This makes your ‘fax machine’ completely mobile, meaning you don’t have to dash off to your nearest print shop just to send a fax.

FaxFX has made faxing infinitely easier and more convenient. With secure servers, no paper jams, no missing documents, and portable service, FaxFX has brought faxing into the digital age.