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Making the Holidays – and the Rest of the Year – Happy

The best tech presents for office workers.

Many of us spend big portions of our days in offices, some of which just lack the comfort of home. So, if you work in an office that doesn’t feed your creativity, here are a few great gift ideas to add to your list this holiday season.

  • A monitor arm: This may seem a bit obvious for an office-based present, but these little gadgets do more good than you know.  Since you stare at your computer monitor for hours every day, it affects your body’s position.  A poorly placed monitor can cause bad posture, as well as strain your muscles and eyes.  Monitor arms allow you to adjust your monitor to the ideal position, and you’ll be enjoying its benefits long after the holiday season.
  • USB-powered coffee stand: Which office worker doesn’t drink coffee?  The problem is that it often goes cold while you focus on your work.  But, with this excellent and affordable gift, you won’t ever have to take a sip of cold coffee again.
  • Speech recognition software: While we don’t have to endure hand cramps from writing anymore, typing can get cumbersome.  But, with speech recognition software, you can ease back in your chair and compose emails, reports, and memos without feeling your fingertips go numb.
  • A solar-powered charger: One thing you need plenty of in an office environment is battery charge.  The problem is that you just never have enough sockets.  But, with solar-powered chargers you don’t have to worry about plugging in.  This is great invention will make office life so much easier.

Maybe you are completely happy at your desk, and don’t feel the need for any of these handy toys.  If that is the case, maybe you could use this list for gift ideas for your co-workers.  One thing you can be sure of – each of these gifts will keep on giving the whole year through.