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Print to Fax


The FaxFX Fax Printer is another one of our products designed to make the process of sending faxes even easier. It is equipped with a printing option, including MS Word, Excel, Pastel and others. This product allows you to:

  • Preview faxes before sending them off
  • Include cover sheets for your faxes
  • Match your current email contacts with the printer’s contact manager
  • Ensure maximum confidentiality with password protection
  • Simplify the process with ultra-high file compression and conversion capabilities.


Start sending faxes easily and securely using the FX Fax PrinterFaxFx Printer Software
Download the FX Fax Printer (Windows 32 and 64 bit versions)

FaxFX Fax Printer FAQ

How do I use the FaxFX Fax Printer?

All you need to do to use the FaxFX Printer is to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the document you wish to fax
  • Under the “print” options, select “print to fax printer”
  • In the Fax Printer Wizard, select the fax number you would like to send a fax to from your contacts or enter a new one
  • Click the appropriate checkbox if you want to include a cover sheet
  • Preview your fax before sending off
  • Enter your personal FaxFX password and username and click “finish”

Do I need to manually transfer my contacts if I want to start using the Fax Printer?

The Fax Printer will transfer and consolidate all of your existing contacts (in Microsoft Outlook, for example) in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is click on the “to” button in the Fax Printer Wizard, and click “import contacts”.

Do I need to download and install new software to start using the Fax Printer?

To use the FaxFX Fax Printer, you will need

  • Windows 7/Vista/2000
  • .Net 3.5 Framework

What will I need to begin sending faxes using the FaxFX Fax Printer?

Once you have registered an account with us, all you need to use the Fax Printer is to have a positive credit balance in your account. Buying credits is a simple and quick process and can be done directly on the FaxFX website.

Why did my intended recipient only receive the document when I added a cover sheet as well?

In order to include a cover sheet, you must have enabled the “fax cover sheets” option in your account. Your FaxFX account manager or our support team (support@faxfx.co.za) will be glad to assist you with this.