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Sounds of the 20th Century

Which sounds left their mark on the last century?

The sound of the old fax machine, akin to the old dial-up modem, was a distinct sound that many of us remember. But, thanks to fax to email suppliers like FaxFX, our offices are no longer filled with those static-laden pings. FaxFX allows you to send and receive faxes using your email account, which makes your fax correspondence only as noisy as your computer or mobile device is.

However, it is sometimes fun to stroll down memory lane. Here are some sounds that characterised the 20th Century.

The Dot Matrix Printer: Printers these days aren’t quite silent, but they are infinitely less noisy than dot matrix printers were. And, as if to make it worse, they were incredibly slow, often needing three attempts to print a single line of text. This made the noise even more excruciating.

Floppy Disk Drives: Aside from the fact that these drives stopped actually being floppy, 3.5” floppy disks were very popular before CD writers gave us a whole new world. Their noise, however, was far from popular, and can be best be described as a series of high pitched grunts which rang out as the drive read the disk.

The Rotary Phone: If you were born after the 1980s, you might not remember these, but many of us have vivid memories of trying to remember the number you just dialled as the rotary wheel of the telephone slowly clicked back to its starting position. The taunting ticking is burned into many a psyche.