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The Next Best Thing Right after Online Fax

(Top Tech Trends in Africa)
Technology is dynamic and ever changing in its nature. This means that there is always a new thing that is exciting the masses and making people’s lives that much easier. Not too long ago online fax came into the scene and many companies and individuals haven’t looked back ever since.  Today we shine the light on the current top 3 tech trends that are simplifying life for many in Africa.

  1. Internet Access Provided By The Government

The government is now more cognizant of the correlation between social development and access to the internet as world stats reflect that everything is moving online rapidly. In keeping in line with this realization a lot of countries have chosen to invest more in telecommunications either through directly partnering (like it is happening in Ethiopia) or through establishing partnerships with key players and providers in the industry such as Google. Furthermore South Africa’s capital city is a classic example reflecting this as the state is giving school children tablets to use, loaded with their study material free of charge. The city also boasts of limited free Wi-Fi for its citizens in hotspot areas throughout the city.

  1. The Battle Between Overpriced Providers and Operators is Heating Up

Internet connectivity has reached an all-time high and the market is no longer geographically confined with big players like Facebook and Apple are penetrating the market and are expanding in their influence.

  1. Development of New business Models Suitable For Africa

The leading trend in Africa is smart phone access, and as a result opportunities have emerged for new companies providing services and products that simplify communication between people and businesses in the African market who are on mobile, and also between users themselves. Great examples example of these are MPESA, Weza Tele and Payment Pebble.