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How to Become a FaxFX Reseller

The benefits of offering fax to email services.

FaxFX is a fax to email service that is greatly beneficial for many businesses in South Africa and around the world. It allows faxes to be sent to and from an email account, and accessed on any computer with an internet connection, wherever that computer may be. This means that, with FaxFX, fax communication has become completely mobile. It drastically reduces the amount of paper usage in offices too, as faxes arrive in completely digital form. It also means that confidential faxes never wind up on the wrong desk. These and other benefits are testament to the fact that FaxFX is changing the face of fax communication for the better.

The great news is that your business can be a part of this fantastic service. By becoming a reseller, you too can offer FaxFX’s convenient services to your customers, and enjoy a share of the revenue. All you have to do is apply to become a reseller on the FaxFX website and undertake initial training, which is conducted at the FaxFX head office in Woodmead, Johannesburg. In addition to the training you will receive:

• Email templates containing branding
• A sign-up page or addition of a button to your current website
• An interface for administration
• Marketing material and a sales pack
• And, of course, an excellent opportunity for annuity income

FaxFX provides services that are necessary and efficient for many businesses. You too can provide these services and reap its many rewards.