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Free Fax to Email Online

Free Fax to Email Online


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Free Fax to Email

Free Fax to Email Online
The traditional fax machine, in its earliest form, is well over 100 years old. We at FaxFX believe that this piece of equipment has long overstayed its welcome in the world of electronic communication. Even long past the inception of the internet and email, getting rid of these expensive, inefficient and bulky machines has proven to be a difficult process. Millions of people all over the world still rely on faxing as one of their primary methods of doing business.

Mobile Fax 2 Email

Free Fax

The bulky old fax machine is one of the only things standing between today’s entrepreneur or businessperson and a truly mobile office experience. While in recent years it has become not only possible, but customary to be able to receive and make phone calls and to email on the go, faxing has always been confined because of its reliance on telephone lines. Mobile Fax to Email technology means that faxes can be sent and received from absolutely anywhere in the world, as long as an internet connection is available.

Corporate Fax

Fax to Email

The corporate faxing solutions we provide at FaxFX allow you to streamline and optimise the way you do business. Our superior services enhance communication between employees, save on consumables and reduce the delays associated with regular faxing, as well as making manual archiving of faxes a thing of the past.

Fax to Email Benefits

Free Fax

  • Instantly receive or send faxes anywhere in the world
  • Improved confidentiality of sensitive documents
  • Documents of multiple pages are processed with ease
  • Absolutely no need for maintenance or repairs
  • Do away with your old fax machine – no hardware or new software required
  • Register multiple individual fax numbers
  • Receive faxes completely free of charge

Free Fax to Email Online

FaxFX is a provider of free world-class fax-to-email services. Our global network is located in Woodmead, Johannesburg, from where we support a cutting-edge online faxing infrastructure. We are responsible for the provision of online faxing technology to some of the world’s largest online faxing companies, and are also involved with many resellers and businesses in the supply of branded email receipts. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art software platform, which ensures security, reliability and the ability to cater for significant volumes of confidential and reliable faxing administration.

Switching to a fax to email system brings faxing into the digital age, merging the necessity of faxing with the convenience of email. It is now possible to receive and send faxes from literally anywhere on the planet where an internet connection is available, and all without the use of either a fax machine or a telephone line. Your faxes reach you in exactly the same manner as your emails do, directed straight into your inbox. From desktop and laptop computers to tablets and even smartphones, faxing has truly entered the mobile generation. As the recipient of a fax, you have ultimate control. Viewing, forwarding, archiving and printing of your faxes is possible at the click of a mouse.

If the mention of fax archiving evokes images of stacks of files gathering dust in the corner of your office, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that with FaxFX Fax to Email services, your correspondence and documentation is archived automatically indefinitely, accessible to you whenever necessary.