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Send A Fax


If you have a positive credit balance on your FaxFX account, you are ready to start sending faxes. Credits can be bought easily on the FaxFX website, either using our FaxFX Fax Printer, or via our Email to Fax service. Using the FaxFX Fax Printer The Fax Printer can be downloaded directly from our website. Once installed, any software that has printing capabilities can be used to convert documents to faxes. You will be able to preview all faxes before sending them, and if you’re using MS outlook to manage your contacts, you can use the Fax Printer to synchronise your contact list for added convenience. To use the Fax Printer, all you need to do is:

  • Open the document to be printed to fax
  • Select the option of printing the document using “print-to-fax”
  • In the Printer Wizard, choose the fax numbers of your intended recipients
  • If you choose, you can select the option to include a cover page for your fax
  • You are now free to preview the fax before sending it off
  • Enter your account details and click on “finish”


  • Either Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP
  • FaxOut credits which can be purchased directly from our website

Faxing Via Email to Fax

  • Create a new email and enter the intended recipient’s unique 10 digit fax number in the “to” field, followed by “@faxfx.net”
  • For reference and easy archiving, assign a subject to your fax
  • The body of your email will be the cover sheet of your fax. If you do not enter text into the body, a cover sheet will not be sent
  • Attach the document you wish to send and click “send”. It will be received by the recipient in the form of a fax