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Go Green with Online Faxing

Unfortunately, using technology these days is inescapable. However, that does not mean that we can’t minimise the impact we have on the environment by making an effort to go green. Sure, this is a term you hear all too often and pay no heed to, but with FaxFX, we make it easy to go green.

Think about conventional faxing for a second- you use an ancient plastic machine which runs on electricity and prints with ink onto paper. Three of those variables can be removed. To fax online you simply need an internet connection and electricity. The electricity itself is a much smaller amount than would be used with a fax machine.

When registered with us, the fax number that you receive can be used for all of your online fax communications. Each fax that you send or receive is stored on our server and can be viewed by you only, indefinitely. Welcome to a paperless faxing society. We understand that one of the main problems with those ancient fax machines was the technical difficulties that they all seemed to suffer from, which is why we have made our online service incredibly easy to use. If you happen to get stuck, which is unlikely, our fantastic support team is standing by get you out of that pickle! Don’t stress though, there isn’t anything we cant fix.

FaxFX prides itself on being South Africa’s top fax to email provider, and we are thoroughly committed to reducing our carbon footprint every day.